What is a yoga belt?

To someone unfamiliar with a yoga belt, this looks like a regular belt. But there are many advantages to using a yoga belt that you don’t have with a regular belt. A yoga belt is a strip of non-elastic material composed mainly of cotton or nylon. In addition to material, they also vary in length, color and attachment options.

A yoga belt is mainly used as an aid, so you can reach further with your hands or as a floor. We explain in this blog why and how to use a yoga belt.

Why use a yoga belt?

A yoga belt has many benefits for both a beginning yogi and an advanced yogi. The main benefits of a belt are:

  • Asanas easier to practice
  • Better alignment of your posture
  • A yoga belt prevents injuries
  • You reach your goal faster
  • Get longer muscles

By using a yoga belt you exert less pressure on your upper body and make sure you don’t overload yourself. This promotes the process of flexibility as you perform the exercises better.

Asanas easier to practice

Asanas come in different levels of difficulty. For a novice yogi, they may want to practice an Asana with a high degree of difficulty, but not be able to perform it correctly. In such a case, a yoga belt comes in handy. The belt can be used as an extension of your arms to touch your feet. After practicing a few times, you will find that you can perform the exercise correctly without a belt.

Better alignment of your posture

When you start performing a new yoga exercise, it is very important to pay attention to your posture. You are not the only one who performs a new pose frenetically. However, this has a big impact on your body. With the use of a yoga belt you can work towards the correct posture. Your muscles will start remembering the pose every time you do the exercise.

A yoga belt prevents injuries

When yoga is practiced correctly, you train and relax the body. Sometimes we get overconfident or want to perform a new exercise with a high degree of difficulty. This causes us to perform the exercises in a frenetic way, which increases the risk of injuries. A yoga belt can be used to stretch the muscles.

You’ll reach your goal faster

Believe it or not, but a yoga belt helps you reach your goal faster. By using a belt with new exercises, you are helping your muscles to adopt the correct posture. Also, for exercises that you perform on a regular basis, the yoga belt is an added value. The belt can help you relax better, allowing you to progress further in your yoga positions.

You’ll get longer muscles

A yoga belt is the ultimate tool for stretching your muscles. For example, you can stretch your hamstrings better by pulling yourself down by the belt. Just make sure you do this incrementally and don’t overstretch your muscles.

Exercises with a yoga belt

A yoga belt is a very useful tool for many exercises. You can use a yoga belt for the following asanas.

Exercises with a yoga belt

Sitting or standing pincers

In the Tang pose, you use the yoga belt as an extension of your arm. You put the belt around the center of the soles of your feet and then grasp it on both sides. Relax your shoulders and gently pull on the strap to bend as far as possible with your nose towards your toes.

The boat pose

The boat pose is an exercise with a higher degree of difficulty. By using a yoga strap, you make the exercise more accessible. You bring the belt around the middle of the soles of your feet. With your hands, grasp the belt on both sides and bring your sternum forward.

The cowlick pose

A pose with a high degree of difficulty for most people is the cow head pose. In this exercise, you need to grasp your hands behind your back. A yoga strap is used as a connector between your hands. Grab the belt with the arm you bring up along your back. With the other hand, grasp the other end of the rope along your lower back. Now you have both hands on your back and you can use your fingers to bring your hands closer together through the belt.

Which yoga belt is right for me?

There are several yoga belts available in different lengths, colors and materials. The yoga belt from Bamboa Yoga is made of skin-friendly cotton, which is free of contaminants. So you can safely perform all your yoga exercises!

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